Here's what cyclists are saying about America by Bicycle!


"I'm a very happy customer. I admire my fellow riders who went the whole way. The ABB personnel exceeded my expectations - they were great! Knowing that mechanical support and food & water were available, and a hot shower was waiting for me at the day's end, was way better than the solo ride w/camping out that I'd originally thought of doing. Thanks, thanks, thanks for helping me with reaching this goal & meeting the challenge."
Richard B, Cross Country Challenge

"Staff was excellent. Cross Country Challenge was my fourth ABB Tour and all Tours/Staff were excellent."
Barry H, Cross Country Challenge

"Being able to get up every morning with nothing to do but ride through this gorgeous country! It was all incredible."
Jay C, Across America North

"Great job! Loved it! Miss it!"
Tom F, Across America North

"I boast about ABB everywhere I go. As a return customer (6 times) I wish all companies had the integrity and commitment as the staff at ABB from the office staff to the newbies. Thank you!"
Bob C, Across America North

"Every stage was distinct. The terrain was different. The towns were different. The support staff were outstanding. They made the tour very easy to enjoy."
James G, Ride the West

"I had an amazing experience, one I will remember forever. No one can believe I did it!"
Terry S, Maine Foliage Tour

"I loved being outside in the fresh air. I loved being able to ride while on vacation. I loved achieving my goals & my sense of accomplishment."
Allyson G, Maine Foliage Tour

“America by Bicycle compared to other tours/companies is an excellent value! A great experience - my 3rd tour and planning more.”
Barry H, Fast America South

“The length of the ride was perfect for me. I’ll never be fast, but will always finish. Staff was very supportive and never made me feel rushed.”
Sara S, Great Mississippi River Ride

“I enjoyed the experience very much. Your staff was very professional and knew what they were doing.  I appreciated their emphasis on keeping track of us and keeping us safe.  Thanks for helping me fulfill a dream.”
Bill S, Cross Country Challenge

“I had a great time, learned a lot about bicycle riding and met many interesting people!”
Curt P, Across America North

“The Blue Ridge Ramble was a great ride, and I really enjoyed the scenery, the challenge, the staff and especially the variety and toughness of all the riders.”
David A, Shenandoah/Blue Ridge Ramble

“The Support Team were fantastic. They were concerned but not overbearing about our safety and were always upbeat, enthusiastic and helpful.”
C. K. O, Ride the East

“Route and logistical support was exceptional. When you combine your experienced staff with their logistical support on this beautiful route, it makes this ride a truly great experience.”
Steve A, Ride the West

“Excellent Admin and support, beautiful, interesting routes chosen. Staff were exceptional. “Read” the clients and catered to individual needs. Very enjoyable, safety was made paramount.  Very happy to recommend to all my Australian friends."
Lynette M, Foliage Tour

“I was lucky to have a great roommate that will be a lifelong friend which is wonderful. The entire experience was great but my memory will take me back to Rye and the groups last day as we gathered at the school for the ride to the beach! The Police escort was awesome and the wonderful reception at the beach was super! Please thank the superb support staff. They were such a great support team and made this ride across America very special for me and I know for everyone on the ride.”
Terry M, Across America North

“Excellent - could not ask for a better crew. They made sure the experience met its full potential. The best part of the whole experience was accomplishing the ride and sharing the experience with a great group of riders and great staff. I am recommending AbB by word of mouth to others I ride with.”
Greg B, Fast America Ride

“Exceeded my expectations. Staff and riders were fantastic. Keep it up.”
D. P., Fast America Ride

“Ride of a lifetime. The staff were all superb.” 
Jim J, Fast America Ride

“Terrific experience. Thank you . The support team was excellent!”
Don W, Across America North

“Thanks for getting me across America. I never would have made it without the great support you guys provided. Our trip leader was exceptional. I can’t think of a person who could do the job better.”
Michael H, Across America North

“Excellent trip! Staff were great people, concerned about our welfare, safety, and having a good time. Fellow riders were the best - together we accomplished our goal of crossing the USA by bicycle. We saw our perspective change about the degree of difficulty of a ride. We found we were capable of so much more.”
Anne H, Across America North

“Staff are top notch. Very well organized, route was awesome! you guys rock!”
Jay C, Ride the West

“The best part was seeing California from a bike - beautiful ride. Meeting and talking with new people.”
Ray A, Ride the West

“The ride leaders did a terrific job of focusing our attentions on safety and pacing. This  correct emphasis enabled all twelve of us to finish smartly.”
Steve K, Fast America South

“Beyond my expectations. Opportunity of a lifetime.”
Greg L, Fast America South

“The best part was seeing so many new places from a bicycle with great company and support. Learned I was capable of much more than I ever would have dreamed. Thanks for a great experience!”
Karen S, Winter Oasis Tour

“I am very impressed with how much attention is paid to detail. From meals to hotels, you do an excellent job. Additionally your support crews are great. I cannot tell you how satisfied I am and how much I look forward to my next trip with you!”
Paul S, Great Lakes Tour

“The best part was probably the camaraderie and the way the people got along with each other. Everyone had ridden on long range tours in the past and they were fully familiar with the things one could expect. The staff members were fabulous and were very concerned that everyone had a good time. They kept close track of the riders to assure that everyone got where they needed to go and that they were safe on the road. I would recommend your firm to others. I have had good experiences on the five tours I rode with you. You take care of the riders and are dedicated to giving them a good time.”
Joseph H, Great Lakes Tour

“What was the best part of the whole experience: Route, scenery, fellow riders , organization. Never a doubt as to who was in charge (executed in a friendly manner) and what / where we were going. Never had a flat tire! Great group, great organization, great route!”
Jeff D, Ride the West

“I came for a cycling trip and left with a whole different perspective on long distance cycling. Sharing the experiences and day to day adventures with new bicycle friends. The worst part was finishing the ride and having to return to “reality”. This organization is absolutely the best - the right mix of business and personal experiences.”
Lee A, Ride the West

"#1 The other twenty people, comparing stories and experiences. #2 Western scenery. #3 The photos. #4 Becoming a “rock-star” to the people that followed my blog. Outstanding route and crew are critical to a successful journey and we had both. I’ve told dozens of fellow riders to check out AbBike."
Steve M, Fast America Ride

“Best part: Spending five weeks with my sons while achieving a lifelong goal. Overall, it was a fantastic experience. I loved getting to know the rest of the group, who, by and large, were folks I enjoyed spending time with. The strong riders were not snobs and the weaker riders were considered every bit as much a part of the group as the stronger ones. Of course, there were a couple of eccentric souls, but they just made the group that much more interesting. I think everyone got along really well. The riders along with the excellent staff were what truly made the ride more memorable and enjoyable. Perhaps the best benefit of all was the time with my boys - young men really - free from the tension of making decisions about the routes, the meals or accommodations. All we had to do was ride. I sincerely thank abb. for helping me attain this remarkable achievement. But most of all, I’m thankful for AbB help in creating what I know will be life-long great memories for my sons and me.”
Mark C, Cross Country Challenge

“The best part of the entire experience was the professionalism of the Abb. staff. The comfort of knowing their support was there. Even if I couldn’t see them I knew they could see me. Abb exceeded my expectations. The ride leaders were superb tour leaders. The staff were a pleasure to talk and ride with. The entire experience was very gratifying. Keep up the good work.”
William W, Cross Country Challenge

“Spectacular ride/ journey. support team, companion riders. Just keep doing what your doing!”
Terry A, Across America North

“Overall, I had a wonderful experience. I will (and have) continue to let people know about the trip and the wonderful experience I had.”
Mary S, Across America North

“Getting to ride a bike across the country, a long-time goal of mine, without having to carry luggage or deal with hotel reservations, route planning, and water stops.”
Daniel S, Across America North

“The riding , the staff and our country! It was a terrific ride. The support team is the best in the business!! I would unequivocally recommend the crew for their professionalism, skilled, compassionate and knowledgeable leadership. It was a terrific ride. I would be happy to serve as a reference for potential clients considering the Across America North. Thank you!”
Ann W, Across America North

“The best part was the people, staff and riders. It didn't seem to take any time to feel like we were all a big family. Thanks! It was worth every dime!”
Gerard D, Across America North