Ride The West - Central


For the cyclist who cannot take 23 days off, but still wants to join us on Ride the West, try Ride the West - Central. The second section of Ride the West travels 430 miles in 6 cycling days (7 total). Ride through stands of giant redwoods, around the vineyards of Sonoma Valley and across the Golden Gate Bridge on your way from Crescent City to San Francisco CA.


Ride the West - Central heads south out of Crescent City and explores areas that begin to show the variety and beauty unique to this part of the country. Day one enters the Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway and the first of several giant redwood groves to include the Avenue of the Giants. These trees have withstood floods, fire, drought, and pests for thousands of years and still stand majestically instilling awe in all who witness their existence. You will ride where once the small town of Weott was wiped out by the flood of the century that sent 115 feet of water down the Eel River in 1964. Venturing farther inland, the vistas of Sonoma Valley Wine Country present their own beauty and provide gorgeous riding over vineyard covered hills. On the final day of this leg, we head out of wine country and work our way to Sausalito, a bayside town with many waterfront cafes, a bike store(!!) and an incredible view of San Francisco, if the fog is in our favor. You will get a brief taste of the Marin Headlands as you climb up to and then cross Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco.

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Trip Details

Crescent City, CA to San Francisco, CA

7 days

Saturday September 14 to Friday September 2

Join us in 2021!

Day 0
Crescent City, CA  0

Day 1
Eureka, CA  84

Day 2
Garberville, CA  80

Day 3
Ft. Bragg, CA  69

Day 4
Cloverdale, CA  76

Day 5
Petaluma, CA  70

Day 6
San Francisco, CA  51


70+ per day average

Breakfast and dinner included for all days except Day 0. Lunch is not included.

$3150 (Double)
$3500 (Single)

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