Our Road Staff

Each tour features an experienced, knowledgeable, friendly and supportive staff. We offer excellent client to staff ratio, typically one staff to every 5 to 8 cyclists. All our staff are cyclists and know what you need to achieve your goals. Many of them are alumni from past America by Bicycle tours. They were all handpicked for their expertise, attention to detail, and dedication to serve as support staff. You will find our staff in the van to help with repairs and provide food & water. You will find our staff on bicycles to assist with direction, encouragement, or as ride companions. Whether cycling across town or coast to coast, you will not find a friendlier, more supportive, and experienced group of people than our America by Bicycle support team.

Meet the 2018 Team

Deana 2018.JPG

Deana Acklin

Congenital heart disease survivor pedaling hard and taking the long way just about every where she goes. Lover of nature and on a mission to get people moving two wheels at a time.

Crescent City 57415 copy.jpg

Karen Bauer

After 18 seasons with America by Bicycle, and 59 tours, it is still fun supporting cyclists with a passion for life and adventure. The best part of my job and what makes it so special are:  being able to ride, sharing the road and the experiences with everyone, seeing lifelong friendships form, seeing cyclists become stronger, more confident and safer riders. The love of cycling and the people you meet are what it’s all about. 


Judy Clawson

I rode across the country with AbB in 2008. Less than halfway, I was talking with the staff. I had to figure out how to do this again (and again). 10 years later, I’m still at it & loving it. Off the bike, I enjoy computers and other things of the nerd persuasion. My passions? Bicycling and technology. I’m addicted to them both. I enjoy leading people down the path to full cycling obsession and using technology along the way.

Robin v2-01-01.jpg

Robin Crandall

I want to ride my bicycle! Cheesy but true. I've found that riding fixes every situation, even the joyful/sad/nervous/jealous/exciting/angry/boring ones. Between the wonderful sights, smells, and sounds of mother nature and the whir of a mechanical miracle under my tush there's no better situation. Out of the saddle you'll find me tinkering with odd mechanics or building often useless 'art' and sometimes useful 'furniture.' If not, I may be busy exploring another continent.

Gene v2.jpg

Gene Emborsky

I ride bicycles for many reasons, some of which are: friendship, exploration, the pain of exertion, the “I am a kid again” feeling it gives me. Working for ABB has the added bonus of doing all of this with my best friend (& wife), while meeting tons of really interesting people, and seeing places I wouldn’t ordinarily get to. You don’t need a bucket list when you have a bicycle.

Jane 2018.jpg

Jane Emborsky

Self-described: Bicycle Evangelist, always promoting the benefits of cycling for the body, mind and spirit.  Retired Postal worker. I spent most of my life in WNY between Rochester and Buffalo. Currently I reside in sunny SW Florida where I can bike year-round. I took the ABB Challenge across America in 2007 and joined the staff in 2013.  I am looking forward to meeting the next ABB adventurers in California soon!


Michael Knuesel

When not working for AbB, Michael is bicycle mechanic in Arizona. He enjoys mountain biking and downhill racing.

<<more to come>>

Rob photo.jpg

Rob Leeson

I have a passion for momentum on and off the bike. My approach to mechanics is to simultaneously view each component independently while seeing the bicycle as whole. I am committed to problem-solving calmly and with a bright smile. I enjoy being outside, going on adventures, and seeing new places. In addition to road riding, I love gravel rides, cyclocross, and mountain biking. You'll never catch me eating squash, but I’m always down for a good beer.


Jenny Moshak

My water bottle is always half full with -- my passion for cycling… energy to encourage and support others… gratification of being part of a team…joy for new adventures…fun…hot tea.

Mike Munk 2018 copy-01.jpg

Mike Munk

My mother told me that when I was 8 years old I said that I wanted to ride my bicycle across the US. When I retired from the military in '96, that was the first thing I did.  It only took that first ride, I was hooked. Since then I've either ridden, staffed, or led over 60 rides across the US and over 70 total rides for AbB. I've thoroughly enjoyed sharing ride experiences and supporting thousands of others who have that same dream. Over that span of years, I've surrounded myself with other staff members who also have the passion to give riders a safe and meaningful experience. Guess I'm still hooked.

Melissa 2.jpg

Melissa Murray

I have a zest for all things cycling; from road touring, bike-camping or mountain biking, as long as it takes me to places I’ve yet to discover.  In or out of the saddle, my favorite times are helping others in various capacities to feel the sheer delight in riding. From Pennsylvania, I am excited to partner with ABB to make your first or next cycling adventure a memory you are not soon to forget!  Come and explore with me. 

Alex Final-01.jpeg

Alex Sahli

Alex is genetically inclined to enjoy bicycling and supporting those with the passion to ride across the country. In the off season, he spends his time in the Big Apple working in the entertainment industry.

<<more to come>>


Michelle Sahli

Michelle has lead tours for AbB for over 15 years. Her passion for cycling and supporting others is what brings her back annually. While not on tour, Michelle is an assistant professor of epidemiology at the University of Michigan. When Dr Sahli tells you to wash your hands, you better listen!

<<more to come>>

Pam v3-01.jpg

Pam Shedd

Inspired to ride cross country when I was 12, I checked off the one thing on my bucket list in 2009. What to do next? Help others do the same. With a background as an indoor cycling and fitness instructor, a stint in a local bike shop helped round it out. America is an amazing country, nothing is better than seeing it from saddle of your bicycle, except maybe sharing it with others excited to do the same.


Gabriel Whitlock

I am an endurance enthusiast on foot and on two wheels. I’ve competed in the Boston Marathon, hiked a large section of the Appalachian Trail, and completed several solo, self-supported bicycle tours. Human powered motion has carried me across the country in search of adventure. I am eager to support any cyclist wanting to explore the nation in the saddle of a bicycle. When not riding, I live a zero waste lifestyle out of a 1987 Airstream travel trailer.