Ride Support

America by Bicycle handles all of the daily on-road details. Our staff, whether driving support vans or riding a bicycle, are there to give the support you need so you can focus on the important task at hand, cycling. We set our staff size and number of vehicles at a level to keep you in our sights every ten miles or so. We call it our support window or bubble. We carry your luggage and excess gear allowing you to ride with only what you need for the day. We provide food & water both on the road and at scheduled rest stops. Our rolling bicycle support shop is there to help with mechanical problems from a simple flat tire to more complex drive train issues. We are there to help with directions and find services. Our staff will encourage you on those long mileage days or up those challenging climbs and cheer when you reach the top. It is your ride and we do everything we can on the road to make it safe, successful, and memorable for all the right reasons.