General Information

On-Road Service

America by Bicycle provides organized, first-class, bicycle tours. We handle all of the details and let you focus on the cycling. Some of our daily features include:

  • Beautiful cycling routes with daily cue sheets and maps
  • Daily SAG stops with refreshments
  • Mechanical Support
  • Rolling Bike Shop
  • Luggage Transportation
  • Friendly, experienced Support Staff

Support Staff

All tours feature experienced, knowledgeable, friendly and supportive staff. We offer excellent client to staff ratio, typically one staff to every 5 to 8 cyclists. In the van, the staff transport your luggage, provide food & water along the route and at SAG stops, assist with directions, help with mechanicals, and cheer you along the way. On the bike, the staff assist with directions, repairs, encouragement or as a ride companion. All our staff are cyclists and know what you need to achieve your goals.


America by Bicycle stays at business class hotels chosen for consistency, comfort, and quality. Cyclists can choose the following accommodation level:

  • Single Room (1 cyclist per room): If you enjoy your personal space, have a private routine, snore*, or just enjoy a little more privacy, this is the selection for you. *Chronic snorers or CPAP users, we respectfully require you choose this option.

  • Double Room (2 cyclists per room): Traveling with a good friend, partner or spouse? A double is your option. For those of you who might be traveling alone and would prefer to have a roommate, our office staff can assign you one. Over the years, we’ve had great success matching roommates.

  • Triple Room (3 cyclists per room): To use this option, you need to be traveling with two other friends or family members who will room with you. You’ll also need to make arrangements directly with the office to register together. All of our overnight hotels have rooms with two beds. Many hotels have rollaways or foldout couches available for a third person, but not all, so you’ll have to make adjustments accordingly. If your group arrangements do change (one of your trio withdraws), you will be responsible for the appropriate upgrade fee.

Rider’s will keep the same roommate(s) for the entire tour. If you enjoy your personal space, have a private routine, snore or just enjoy a little more privacy, you should upgrade to a single room.

There are a few things to take into consideration when thinking about the triple option. With three people, three bikes, luggage, and equipment in one hotel room, it can fill up quickly. A double or single room allows for an easier daily routine, with less clutter and compromise. Fewer people sharing the bathroom each morning will be nicer and for the cost, it is a bargain. America by Bicycle highly recommends upgrading to the double or single room accommodations - space is limited and available on a first come first serve basis. Once the ride has closed out, we will create a rooming block based on rider rooming requests, gender, age, geographic location and registration date.
Please note:

  • Married couples or cycling families (party of two) must pay the double room upgrade option, per person.
  • If you are paying the upgrade, there is no credits/discounts for unused missed night(s) accommodations.
  • America by Bicycle reserves the right to room participants at our discretion.
  • There is no Triple Room Option for the 'Maine Foliage Tour' or the 'Fall Foliage Classic.'
  • Rooming option prices subject to change without notice.


Breakfast and dinner are provided and lunch is the cyclist’s responsibility on riding days for all of our tours except the ‘Fast America’ series. Breakfast and lunch are provided and dinner is the cyclist’s responsibility on our 'Fast America' series. In an effort to create a flexible schedule on our rest days, no organized meals are planned and riders eat when and where they choose on all of our tours. Organized meals are served in good quality restaurants or catered in hotel function rooms. Many meals are buffet style fare. All meals are nutritionally balanced to provide the cyclist with sufficient fuel to conquer the miles. Vegetarians are accommodated and welcomed.

Scheduled SAG Stops

Scheduled stops are provided at reasonable intervals throughout the cycling day, approximately every 25-40 miles. These stops give the cyclist an opportunity to rest and refuel with snacks, fresh fruit, water and sport drinks.

Mechanical Support

America by Bicycle provides mechanical support throughout the tour. From bicycle assembly and safety inspection on opening day to basic adjustments and repair on the road to assistance packing your bicycle on the final day, we have the mechanical expertise to keep you rolling. No hidden repair labor charges, we only charge for parts. Our mechanic is available in the morning before you depart, throughout the day in our rolling bike shop and each afternoon to repair, adjust and troubleshoot mechanical problems.

Support Vehicles

All tours have a superior ratio of support vehicles to cyclists. From luggage and equipment trucks to mechanic and SAG vans, support vehicles are visible and on the route daily to provide assistance and transportation. SAG vehicles are 15 passenger vans that have the capacity to transport cyclists, their bicycles and gear. Support vans are equipped with a modern communication system.

Luggage Transportation

A dedicated support team truck or trailer carries all your full-size baggage directly from hotel to hotel. This allows you the freedom to carry only what you need for the day on the bike.

Route Rap

Route briefings happen daily, usually right around dinner. Here, maps and cue sheets are distributed. Route issues, weather, terrain and local sights are discussed.

Bicycles and Helmets

A well-tuned road or touring bike is our advice to riders, however, you may ride a tandem or recumbent if you choose. All riders are required to wear a CPCS approved helmet at all times when cycling. No exceptions!


At the beginning of each tour, our Ride Staff reviews the event in great detail from start to conclusion. This will include an overview of the route, terrain, logistics, meals, safety, and much more. You will learn what to expect and how the support works. You will leave orientation knowing you are in good hands for your journey.

All Registered Riders Receive:

Pre-Ride Preparation. A Tour Kit is mailed upon receipt and confirmation of initial deposit and registration. Tour Kit includes:  Invoice, Trip Itinerary & Map, Century Training Guide, Street Smarts Guide, Packing List, General Information about the Tour, Trip Insurance Brochure

Ride Preparation. A Rider Kit is mailed 60 days prior to the ride start and once payment in full is received for the Tour. Rider Kit includes: Ride Specific Information, Hotel List, Daily Schedule, etc.

Customized Training Program (available by request)
America by Bicycle Jersey (on opening day)
America by Bicycle do-rag (on opening day)

Riding with America by Bicycle you'll enjoy:

Great group camaraderie
Bragging rights- "I cycled Coast to Coast!"
Membership in the "E.F.I." Club (Every Fantastic Inch)
Confidence knowing you're not cycling alone
Great Support - If you have a problem, our Support Team is there for you

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