Fundraising Guidelines

America by Bicycle features an option that allows participants to raise money and awareness for their favorite charity. Over the years, we have helped cyclists raise over $5,000,000 for a variety of worthwhile causes. America by Bicycle rides are special events and America by Bicycle riders are special people. Each year 10-12% of all participants raise money for a favorite charity.

Recommended Program Outline

  1. Register for an America by Bicycle Ride. (Example, Cross Country Challenge).

  2. Choose a charity to support. Your choice!

  3. Set a fundraising goal ($16,000-$24,000, ex. Cross Country Challenge).

  4. Meet with the Charity, Make an agreement (Example, I raise $16,000, and you pay my tour costs of $8,050, out of the money I raise).

  5. Raise Money, distribute to charity.

  6. Meet fundraising goal, charity pays your expenses / tour costs.

  7. Ride your bike cross-country.

Recommended Program Details

Start by registering to participate on an America by Bicycle tour. For example, you pick the Cross Country Challenge. Next chose a charity to support. It must be an official charitable organization, 501c3 as designated by the I.R.S. Develop a plan to include a fundraising goal, for a cross country ride you should raise $16,000-$24,000+. We recommend at least double to triple the tour cost of the tour.

Once you decide on the charity you wish to support, make an appointment to speak with the President, Director or Chief of Fund Raising. Explain to them who you are and what you are planning to do. You are riding your bike cross country in order to raise money and awareness for their charity. Most importantly, tell them why you are doing this. Explain your connection with the charity. Mention your fundraising goal. For the Cross Country Challenge you plan to raise $16,000-$24,000 plus the cost of the tour, $8,050. Describe how you plan to achieve this goal. Then, explain what you expect from the charity if you achieve the goal. For example, the charity pays your expenses & tour fee from the money you raise and the charity keeps the remainder of the money.

Get some feed back from them. Are they interested in working with you? Nine times out of ten the charitable organization will be just as excited as you about the ride and the prospect of receiving money from your fund raising. They should also be willing to help with the campaign, anything from using their copier, getting media exposure to helping with postage costs on a major mailing. Occasionally a charity might be interested but not motivated to assist you. They are happy to take the money but are not willing to assist you, or pay your expenses. Think twice about this type of charity. You want an organization that is willing to help you.

Begin your campaign and start raising money. Collect the money and distribute it to the charity at intervals you deem appropriate, weekly, monthly, etc. 70 days prior to the tour’s start date, America by Bicycle requires final payment of the tour fee for the rider’s participation. If you have met your fundraising goal, the charity pays America by Bicycle your participation fee. Using the goal guidelines in this example, your charity will receive more than 60-80% of the total amount raised. When you reach higher and collect more than your fundraising goal, your charity keeps all the money in excess of the tour fee. America by Bicycle then takes you on the adventure of a lifetime. All our rides are memorable adventures and a terrific way for you and your charity to gain national exposure and promotion as well as raise some funds.