Main Foliage Tour Day 0 - Portland ME

Day 0: Opening Day

Crew’s Log...

Cycling Date: Sunday 04-October-15

It’s Opening Day of the Maine Fall Foliage Tour. Five days enjoying the beautiful fall colors of Maine. We start in Portland and work our way up into Augusta, the state capitol. We then head back east to Rockport to head down the coast back to Portland. Hills, waterways, coastal views – all accented with the warm colors of fall.

The forecast of doom and gloom seems to have dissipated. Hurricane Joaquin decided, with the help of a few fronts, to stay away from New England. We are not disappointed. It looks like we might have a fair amount of sun and maybe even some seasonally warm(ish) days. I am crossing my fingers and tossing salt over my shoulder as I type this.

Bikes checked, riders oriented - we capped off the day with our first group dinner. Time to sleep and be ready to ride on the morrow.