Fall Foliage Classic Day 5 - Salem to Manchester, NH

Crew’s Log…

Cycling Date: Thursday 16-October-14

Mileage: 48 miles scheduled, 35 miles completed

Climbing: 2500’ scheduled, 1800’ completed

Weather: Unseasonably warm and very wet. Upper 60s to start, low 70s to end. Rain. Lots and lots of rain.

Highlights of the day:

The forecast today was not good. Seems there’s a tropical storm of sorts working its way up the Atlantic, pushing lots of moisture our way. It started out misty and a little damp. We even had stretches of dry road. Rain held off through our SAG stop. And then all bets were off. The rain varied from steady to pouring. After a lunch stop of warm soup and grilled cheese sandwiches at Via’s Café, all the riders decided that they had enough riding in the rain. The ride leader did NOT complain for safety reasons. Flash flood warnings were issued. Visibility became limited. It’s now 3:30 in the afternoon and it’s dark enough outside to look more like 6:30 in the evening. Smart cyclists enjoyed as much riding as they could and came in before the brunt of the storm hit.

Before Mother Nature shortened our plans, today was another day of amazing color. I’m not sure if it is peak yet but it is getting close. Bright reds, yellows, and oranges. It was just stunning, even with the cloudy grey background. The hills today also allowed us to slow down and enjoy the scenery all the more. We have headed inland and into New Hampshire hills. Some steep. Lots of repeats. Our SAG stop was the Veterans Memorial Park on Naticook Lake. More great color and photo ops. Another 12 miles and we wisely called it a day. Packed up the bikes and drove into Manchester. Time for a little bike cleaning and laundry!