Fast America Ride - Central


For the cyclist who cannot take 33 days off, but still wants to experience the Fast America Ride, try our Fast America Ride - Central. The second section of Fast America Ride travels 1302 miles in 12 cycling days (13 total). Take in the vast expanse of high plains and the rollers of the Midwest as we ride from Albuquerque NM to Springfield IL.


Fast America Ride - Central starts off with the toughest day on paper for the entire Fast America Ride. We ride out of Albuquerque to Las Vegas NM a day of high mileage and lots of climbing. Once in Las Vegas (NM not NV!), the terrain mellows to become flat as we ride eastward into Texas. Up until this point, both of America by Bicycle’s fast rides follow the same route. It is in Dalhart, TX that Fast America South stays south and Fast America Ride heads northward through the Oklahoma Panhandle to Kansas. Huge grain silos dot the landscape every 10-15 miles and serve as beacons to the next town as the ride makes its way through small towns across Texas and into Kansas. The winter wheat harvest and spring planting will be underway as the ride approaches Dodge City, the town where Matt Dillon and other famous lawmen kept the peace, there were more saloons than people, buffalo hunts served the military outposts, and longhorn cattle drives were the main commerce.

The terrain starts to get a little more interesting as the ride enters eastern Kansas but it’s just a taste of what’s in store in Missouri where the ride will enter an area appropriately named 1000 Hill State Park through the Flint Hills. After Missouri, the terrain becomes relatively tame through Illinois and Indiana. The landscape is a lot greener than what we saw in the West as corn will be starting to pop out of the ground and leafing-out trees start to dot the landscape. This is a long challenging leg and the views of the Illinois Capitol Building as we enter Springfield are always a welcome site.

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Register online for the ride of a lifetime. Make your commitment today. Then start your training and get ready for a bicycle ride you will never forget. Remember once you arrive at the ride start city, let America by Bicycle take care of all the details. You just ride your bike everyday and explore America. Get ready for real cycling adventure. Plan your cycling calendar now and don't miss the training window.  America by Bicycle offers this tour every other year. Be sure to sign up in time for 2019 or you’ll have to wait until 2021!

You will need to show us you are training and physically ready for the challenge. Plan to ride an organized local century ride (higher mileage events are encouraged) no later than one month from the start of the event. Upon completion, send America by Bicycle a copy of your entry form and timecard.  If the event does not time or have an official timer, get a representative of the host organization to sign your enrollment form with your time. All participants must be able to complete a century in 6 hours riding time. If you cannot confirm your ability, you may not be allowed to participate on this event. Don’t hesitate calling the Ride Director with any questions.

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Trip Details

Albuquerque, NM to Springfield, IL

13 days

Saturday May 05 to Friday May 17

Join us in 2021!

Day 0
Albuquerque, NM  0

Day 1
Las Vegas, NM  137

Day 2
Tucumcari, NM  110

Day 3
Dalhart, TX  96

Day 4
Liberal, KS  112

Day 5
Dodge City, KS  83

Day 6
Great Bend, KS  91

Day 7
Abilene, KS  128

Day 8
Topeka, KS  107

Day 9
Cameron, MO  122

Day 10
Kirksville, MO  118

Day 11
Quincy, IL  91

Day 12
Springfield, IL  106


108+ per day average

Breakfast and lunch included for all days except for Day 0. Dinner is not included.

$3350 (Double)
$4000 (Single)

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