Rocky Mountain Tour


For the cyclist who cannot take 52 days off, but still wants to ride the Cross Country Challenge, try our Rocky Mountain Tour. The second section of the Cross Country Challenge travels 593 miles in 8 cycling days (9 total). Ride through the Wasatch Range and over the Rocky Mountains from Salt Lake City UT to Pueblo CO.


Rocky Mountain Tour works its way south out of Salt Lake City towards Provo with lush green peaks of the Wasatch Mountains providing company. We head east out of Provo into the Spanish Fork Canyon and up to the top of Soldier Summit. The green hills that flank the road are slowly replaced by red, craggy cliffs as we descend into Price. After a night in  the town of Green River, you’ll head east along the Book Cliffs that look just like the tail fins on 1950’s cars and a possible inspiration for the design of Radiator Springs. The mostly rolling terrain and wide open high desert vistas dotted with hills and mesas will accompany you into Colorado all the way down to Montrose. It is here that you will get your first glimpse of the peaks that will be your companions through the Rockies. Out of Montrose, the route climbs for 12 miles up to the top of Cerro Summit followed by a stunning descent into Cimarron. Pause for a few minutes here to grab some pie at the Pleasant Valley General Store, you will have earned it. Those few extra calories will be of use as you head back up again for a few more good climbs on your way to Gunnison. You will ride up over high hills, through tall craggy canyons, and along mountain lakes that reflect the hills to either side. From Gunnison, it’s time to tackle the Continental Divide and the highest point of the tour. The route heads up to the top of Monarch Pass at 11,312’. If the elevation doesn’t do it, the scenery of the pine covered mountains will take your breath away. Celebrate the summit and then get ready for over 20 miles of non-technical downhill into Salida. The last day of this leg heads west along the Arkansas River through Big Horn Sheep Canyon. You will experience more stunning scenery on terrain that is mostly downhill. Riding through Canon City, the vista opens to rolling high plains as we head into Pueblo for our second day off on the tour.

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Trip Details

Salt Lake City, UT to Pueblo, CO

9 days

Thursday June 13 to Friday June 21

Thursday June 18 to Friday June 26

Day 0
Salt Lake City, UT  0

Day 1
Provo, UT  66

Day 2
Price, UT  75

Day 3
Green River, UT  66

Day 4
Fruita, CO  90

Day 5
Montrose, CO  74

Day 6
Gunnison, CO  64

Day 7
Salida, CO  64

Day 8
Pueblo, CO  94


70+ per day average

Breakfast and dinner included for all days except Day 0. Lunch is not included.

$2850 (Double)
$3300 (Single)

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