Heartland Tour


For the cyclist who cannot take 52 days off, but still wants to ride the Cross Country Challenge, try our Heartland Tour. The fourth section of the Cross Country Challenge travels 610 miles in 7 cycling days (8 total). Cross the rolling hills of Missouri and green fields of the Midwest from Saint Joseph MO to Indianapolis IN.


Heartland Tour travels east from the Missouri River. Heading into Missouri, you will quickly discover that any ideas you might have about the midwest being flat are completely wrong. Across the lush rural landscape, you will be challenged to many hill repeats, not exceptionally long or steep hills but plenty to keep the legs and heart pumping. Riding through an area aptly named Thousand Hill State Park will give you a very clear picture of this idea. Missouri provides a rural beauty, Amish charm, and just enough hills to leave a lasting impression. We head down into the valley and across the mighty Mississippi River into the Land of Lincoln. Illinois’ terrain becomes slightly flatter and the midwestern farmland stretches out in front of you for miles. The browns of the west are replaced with the green fields of corn and soybeans. We stop in Springfield but not before riding right by the state capitol building. Through Illinois, the route heads into Indiana. The farmland gives way as we ride into Indianapolis. Before heading to the hotel, you will have the chance to ride in the (unofficial) AbB Time Trial on the Major Taylor Velodrome, visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and ride along the White River through downtown Indianapolis.

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Trip Details

Saint Joseph, MO to Indianapolis, IN

8 days

Monday July 1 to Monday July 8

Monday July 6 to Monday July 13

Day 0
St Joseph, MO  0

Day 1
Chillicothe, MO  90

Day 2
Kirksville, MO  82

Day 3
Quincy, IL  90

Day 4
Springfield, IL  106

Day 5
Champaign, IL  97

Day 6
Crawfordsville, IN  82

Day 7
Indianapolis, IN  63


85+ per day average

Breakfast and dinner included for all days except Day 0. Lunch is not included.

$2750 (Double)
$3150 (Single)

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