Northern Rockies Ride


For the cyclist who cannot take 50 days off, but still wants to ride Across America North, try our Northern Rockies Ride. The second section of Across America North covers 717 miles 9 cycling days (10 total). Ride along the Snake River and take in the breathtaking views of the Grand Tetons as we ride from Boise ID to Casper Wy.


The Northern Rockies Ride stretches from Boise ID to Casper WY. It starts out with tame terrain as it winds along the Snake River Plain though some of the most fertile farmland in the country. The motto in this area is “Just add water.” If they can, they can grow anything. But the cool terrain starts to heat up as the ride nears Jackson WY and the Teton Range. We leave Idaho Falls, cross into Wyoming, and after enjoying stunning views along the Snake River, it’s up and over Teton Pass. Stop at the top of the pass at 8432 feet to catch your breath and enjoy the view of Jackson Hole below you. Drop  down to Jackson for the night and then it’s north along the Grand Tetons. Words do not do this vista justice. It is a must see from the seat of your bicycle. The terrain rises again after Jackson until it crosses the Continental Divide at Togwotee Pass at 9658 feet. After crossing the divide, it’s downhill to the small western town of Dubois where you can get a corral for your horse included in the price for your motel room. The route passes through bright red rock hills on its way to wide-open high desert. The vista consists primarily of sage brush, tumble weeds, and small stands of hardy trees every once in a rare while. The final two days of leg two are wide open miles to Casper..

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Trip Details

Boise, ID to Casper, WY

10 days

Tuesday July 2 to Thursday July 11

Tuesday June 30 to Thursday July 9

Day 0
Boise, ID  0

Day 1
Mountain Home, ID  54

Day 2
Twin Falls, ID  97

Day 3
Burley, ID  38

Day 4
Pocatello, ID  86

Day 5
Idaho Falls, ID  67

Day 6
Jackson, WY  91

Day 7
Dubois, WY  86

Day 8
Riverton, WY  79

Day 9
Casper, WY  119


80 per day average

Breakfast and dinner included for all days except Day 0. Lunch is not included.

$3350 (Double)
$3850 (Single)

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