Northern Tier Tour


For the cyclist who cannot take 50 days off, but still wants to ride Across America North, try our Northern Tier Tour. The fourth section of Across America North covers 1106 miles in 14 cycling days (15 total). Cross through the rich farmland of the upper Midwest and enjoy some Canadian hospitality on the way from Sioux Falls SD to Niagara Falls NY.


The Northern Tier Tour traverses the rolling farmland of Minnesota and crosses the Mississippi River at La Crosse WI. Rural Wisconsin provides great cycling on miles of quiet country roads highlighted by the “Cycling Capital of the World’s” Sparta-Elroy Trail. The route from there begins to display more vibrant towns and trees as it meanders to the shore of Lake Michigan where the USS Badger will take the riders on a 4 hour ferry ride from Manitowoc WI to Ludington MI on the 4th rest day.

Now it’s off to cross Michigan. More farmland and quiet country roads will bring the ride to Port Huron where Canada is waiting to welcome us. Many say the highlight of the entire ride is crossing the Blue Water Bridge into Canada where the bridge authority closes this busy 6 lane bridge for ABB to cross...quite a thrill. Farms in Canada will display a variety of crops that are rare in the US and one thing to note about Canadian farm lots...they are immaculate and almost all display the Canadian flag. Finally, as much as we like our neighbors to the north, our time there is short lived as the ride approaches Niagara Falls with lots to see and do.

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Trip Details

Sioux Falls, SD to Niagara Falls, NY

15 days

Sunday July 21 to Sunday August 4

Sunday July 19 to Sunday August 2

Day 0
Sioux Falls, SD  0

Day 1
Worthington, MN  70

Day 2
Mankato, MN  112

Day 3
Rochester, MN  99

Day 4
La Crosse, WI  87

Day 5
Mauston, WI  75

Day 6
Fond du Lac, WI  95

Day 7
Manitowoc, WI  61

Day 8 - Ferry Ride
Ludington, MI  7

Day 9
Mount Pleasant, MI  112

Day 10
Birch Run, MI  74

Day 11
Port Huron, MI  88

Day 12
London, Ontario  83

Day 13
Brantford, Ontario  69

Day 14
Niagara Falls, NY  74


85+ per day average

Breakfast and dinner included for all days except Day 0 & Day 8. Lunch is not included.

$4350 (Double)
$5100 (Single)

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