Across America North

Across America North is one of four cross-country bike tours offered by America by Bicycle. Its route is the northern offering across the United States. So why pick this one over any of the other routes? We at America by Bicycle would have to say try them all. It is impossible to say one is better than any of the others. They are each different – different views and perspectives of the country.  What makes it special? Why recommend it to a cyclist? Fifty days across 10 states and Ontario, Canada in a few paragraphs? Hold on, here we go!

Astoria, OR to Boise, ID

Oregon is one of the most bike friendly states in the US, plus it may be the most scenic with diverse high desert, snow covered mountain ranges, and beautiful standing forests to shade the ride. You will spend the entire first leg, up until the last day, riding through this amazing state. The tour starts at the coast and heads inland near the Columbia River. We pass through Portland right along the Columbia River before climbing to the base of Mt Hood. The third day is like riding in two different planets as it exits the tall green coastal forests and enters Oregon’s beautiful high desert that provides constant views of the Cascade Mountain Range...Mt Washington, Mt Jefferson, Mt Bachelor, 3 Fingered Jack, and the 3 Sisters, all snow capped, loom over the route for days. Needless to say, the first week provides strenuous terrain and eye-popping scenery before arriving in Boise ID for the first rest day.

Boise, ID to Casper, WY

The second leg stretches from Boise ID to Casper WY. It starts out with tame terrain as it winds along the Snake River Plain though some of the most fertile farmland in the country. The motto in this area is “Just add water.” If they can, they can grow anything. But the cool terrain starts to heat up as the ride nears Jackson WY and the Teton Range. We leave Idaho Falls, cross into Wyoming, and after enjoying stunning views along the Snake River, it’s up and over Teton Pass. Stop at the top of the pass at 8432 feet to catch your breath and enjoy the view of Jackson Hole below you. Drop  down to Jackson for the night and then it’s north along the Grand Tetons. Words do not do this vista justice. It is a must see from the seat of your bicycle. The terrain rises again after Jackson until it crosses the Continental Divide at Togwotee Pass at 9658 feet. After crossing the divide, it’s downhill to the small western town of Dubois where you can get a corral for your horse included in the price for your motel room. The route passes through bright red rock hills on its way to wide-open high desert. The vista consists primarily of sage brush, tumble weeds, and small stands of hardy trees every once in a rare while. The final two days of leg two are wide open miles to Casper for a well earned second day off.

Casper, WY to Sioux Falls, SD

After the rest, the ride continues across the high plains that drift through many small western Wyoming towns with populations of less than 10 before entering South Dakota grasslands. The rolling grasslands soon turn into mountains again as the route enters the Black Hills and through Wind Cave National Park. Here thousands of prairie dogs and free range bison roam the area and provide photo ops throughout. This section’s highlights include passing the Crazy Horse Monument, Mount Rushmore, and, who would want to miss, Wall Drug made famous by free glasses of ice water. From Wall, we head into Badlands National Park. Words do not suffice but for now, you'll have to settle for other worldly, stunning, and breathtaking. It is 50 miles that will not be forgotten. Exiting the park, fertile farmland & grazing cattle becomes the scenery du jour as we head east and across the Missouri River. The rolling hills extend to the horizon. The final day of this leg enters the country’s breadbasket approaching Sioux Falls for our third off day.

Sioux Fall, SD to Niagara, NY

The fourth leg officially brings the ride into the east after traversing the rolling farmland of Minnesota and crossing the Mississippi River at La Crosse WI. Rural Wisconsin provides great cycling on miles of quiet country roads highlighted by the “Cycling Capital of the World’s” Sparta-Elroy Trail. The route from there begins to display more vibrant towns and TREES as it meanders to the shore of Lake Michigan where the USS Badger will take the riders on a 4 hour ferry ride from Manitowoc WI to Ludington MI on the 4th rest day.

Now it’s off to cross Michigan. More farmland and quiet country roads will bring the ride to Port Huron where Canada is waiting to welcome us. Many say the highlight of the entire ride is crossing the Blue Water Bridge into Canada where the bridge authority closes this busy 6 lane bridge for ABB to cross...quite a thrill. Farms in Canada will display a variety of crops that are rare in the US and one thing to note about Canadian farm lots...they are immaculate and almost all display the Canadian flag. Finally, as much as we like our neighbors to the north, our time there is short lived as the ride approaches Niagara Falls and our last rest day with lots to see and do.

Niagara, NY to Portsmouth, NH

Our final leg on the Across America North tour crosses upper New York State through rolling farm country passing Rochester where the Erie Canal leads us into Liverpool. New York provides beautiful vistas along the Mohawk River and some of the best cycling highways of the entire tour. The final few days cross the Appalachian mountain range to Vermont and into Brattleboro...a roller coaster experience to and through New Hampshire on our way to our final destination, Portsmouth. We celebrate the end of our adventure with a wheel dip in the Atlantic Ocean…a great ride…a great accomplishment.

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Trip Details

Astoria, OR to Portsmouth, NH

50 days

Sunday June 23 to Monday August 12

Sunday June 21 to Monday August 10

Day 0
Astoria, OR  26

Day 1
St. Helens, OR  81

Day 2
Welches, OR  75

Day 3
Madras, OR  78

Day 4
Prineville, OR  47

Day 5
John Day, OR  116

Day 6
Baker City, OR  81

Day 7
Ontario, OR  84

Day 8
Boise, ID  65

Day 9 - Rest Day
Boise, ID  0

Day 10
Mountain Home, ID  54

Day 11
Twin Falls, ID  97

Day 12
Burley, ID  38

Day 13
Pocatello, ID  86

Day 14
Idaho Falls, ID  67

Day 15
Jackson, WY  91

Day 16
Dubois, WY  86

Day 17
Riverton, WY  79

Day 18
Casper, WY  119

Day 19 - Rest Day
Casper, WY  0

Day 20
Lusk, WY  107

Day 21
Hot Springs, SD  93

Day 22
Rapid City, SD  73

Day 23
Wall, SD  58

Day 24
Murdo, SD  99

Day 25
Chamberlain, SD  73

Day 26
Mitchell, SD  71

Day 27
Sioux Falls, SD  72

Day 28 - Rest Day
Sioux Falls, SD  0

Day 29
Worthington, MN  70

Day 30
Mankato, MN  112

Day 31
Rochester, MN  99

Day 32
La Crosse, WI  87

Day 33
Mauston, WI  75

Day 34
Fond du Lac, WI  95

Day 35
Manitowoc, WI  61

Day 36 - Ferry Ride
Ludington, MI  7

Day 37
Mount Pleasant, MI  112

Day 38
Birch Run, MI  74

Day 39
Port Huron, MI  88

Day 40
London, Ontario  83

Day 41
Brantford, Ontario  69

Day 42
Niagara Falls, NY  74

Day 43 - Rest Day
Niagara Falls, NY  0

Day 44
Rochester, NY  103

Day 45
Liverpool, NY  92

Day 46
Little Falls, NY  80

Day 47
Latham, NY  76

Day 48
Brattleboro, VT  80

Day 49
Manchester, NH  78

Day 50
Portsmouth, NH  64


80+ per day average

Breakfast and dinner included for all days except for the 5 rest days. Lunch is not included.

$12,900 (Double)
$15,500 (Single)

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