Badlands Ride


For the cyclist who cannot take 50 days off, but still wants to ride Across America North, try our Badlands Ride. The third section of Across America North covers 646 miles in 8 cycling days (9 total). Experience the mystique of the Black Hills and the vastness of the high rolling plains of South Dakota as you pedal from Casper WY to Sioux Falls SD.


The Badlands Ride travels across the high plains that drift through many small western Wyoming towns with populations of less than 10 before entering South Dakota grasslands. The rolling grasslands soon turn into mountains again as the route enters the Black Hills and through Wind Cave National Park. Here thousands of prairie dogs and free range bison roam the area and provide photo ops throughout. This section’s highlights include passing the Crazy Horse Monument, Mount Rushmore, and, who would want to miss, Wall Drug made famous by free glasses of ice water. After Wall, fertile farmland becomes the scenery du jour into Pierre where we trace the footsteps of Lewis and Clark along the Missouri River. The views are outstanding, and in many cases you can see for miles from the terrain overlooking the river. The final day of this leg enters the country’s breadbasket approaching Sioux Falls.

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Trip Details

Casper, WY to Sioux Falls, SD

9 days

Friday July 12 to Saturday July 20

Friday July 10 to Saturday July 18

Day 0
Casper, WY  0

Day 1
Lusk, WY  107

Day 2
Hot Springs, SD  93

Day 3
Rapid City, SD  73

Day 4
Wall, SD  58

Day 5
Murdo, SD  99

Day 6
Chamberlain, SD  73

Day 7
Mitchell, SD  71

Day 8
Sioux Falls, SD  72


80+ per day average

Breakfast and dinner included for all days except Day 0. Lunch is not included.

$3150 (Double)
$3600 (Single)

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